Founder, TREE (To Rescue Evanston Elms)
When Dutch Elm Disease hit Evanston again in the early 2000s, Virginia researched the problem and found a solution that would allow Evanston to save the trees and save tax dollars. Working closely with others throughout the City, Virginia helped change the City’s approach to elm tree care – saving trees and saving tax dollars. Today, the City continues to follow the program recommended by TREE of inoculating public elm trees. This effort, which the City Forestry Department reports has been more than 98% effective in saving the trees, also saves tax dollars, protects the ambiance of our community, helps the environment and helps maintain property values.

Member, Perkins Woods Steering Committee
When Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin proposed a 10-foot-wide concrete path paved through Perkins Woods, Virginia joined with neighbors to bring attention to the issue and find an alternative solution. Thanks to neighbors, today, Perkins Woods has a narrower, water soluble path that enhances our beautiful neighborhood woods rather than creating a thoroughfare-like path that would support the use of motor vehicles and destroy valued vegetation.

Leader of the Presbyterian Homes neighbors group
The Presbyterian Homes complex is a valued member of our community. But when they proposed a massive re-development that was oversized and out of character for our community and threatened the quality of life of neighbors and residents, Virginia helped lead the effort to stop it. As Alderman, she will make it a priority to sit down with representatives of the Presbyterian Homes, residents and neighbors to find equitable solutions that work for everyone.

Active participant in the effort to bring change at the Evanston Animal Shelter: When it became apparent that there were serious concerns about the Evanston Animal Shelter, Virginia worked with Alderman Tendam to bring attention to the issue and help find solutions. She helped bring in experts in the field to share their knowledge and petition the City Council to change the operations at the Evanston Animal Shelter. Today, we have a well-run organization that much more effectively represents the values of our community.
A longtime independent community activist, Virginia has a solid record of accomplishment for both the 6th Ward and all of Evanston. She has worked to make Evanston a better place to live, work and play for all. As Alderman, Virginia will be able to be an even more effective voice for 6th Ward residents. A political independent, she will never put party politics before the interests of the people of Evanston.